A Woman’s Place – From Process to Destiny



As you walk with God, you will encounter a season called a “process.” The season can be 6 months or 6 years. Only God knows when your season of preparation is complete. It’s a season where God course corrects.  Whatever trauma, abuse, or neglect you have faced that skewed your path, that took you off course, God corrects in this season. It’s a heart-breaking, pressured filled season that seems like you are being overlooked and picked on by God.  In this season, you go through situations that removes traits, restores what you lost and sets you free getting you right back on the path towards success. It literally provokes the leader in you to come forth. It’s a time where God tests you to see if you will stand by Him through it all because if you can suffer with Him, you can be promoted to high places with Him. People call  it different names, the “desert” season, or “cave dwelling. Charles Swindoll calls it, “Gods School of Brokenness”. “It is the season that precedes the “Promise Land” season ie the season of consistent and continual blessings that stabilize you. Through all of the situations you face, He uses them to prepare you for a big dream that He wants you to accomplish. His way! It’s a breaking, molding, and refining season.   The leader is developed in you for the assignment you are to complete here on Earth.

In this book you will read about the nuggets of wisdom God shared with me during the beginning stages of my process. These coupled with the prayers at the end of each chapter will assist you on your journey towards the promised life God has for you.  Grab your copy today!



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