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Where did the Idea of this book come from?

I was feeling like there was something I was missing or didn’t know in regards to dating. I was doing too much too soon but I didn’t know what not to do. I felt like there was a game that was being played and I didn’t know the rules. It was a game that was affecting my heart and I kept loosing. So after my last relationship ended I got extremely serious with God. I said, “Ok, I’m done. I do not want to date another person until you give me a blueprint on how to navigate this dating thing, safely. I wanted to be able to see if someone was good for me without my emotions getting involved. I wanted to be able to walk away at whatever point the red flags appeared and not be a victim. I want to get to know someone, yet remain SAFE. For the last 7 years I have been gathering behavioral data from a range of men whom I became connected to through either business, ministry or friendship. Yep, I went undercover.

-I asked the burning questions that all women want to know.  From professional athletes, apostles, entrepreneurs, stock investors, to tech support reps and designers, I learned the language of man and have created a method that honors both the parties in navigating the dating scene.  Get to know a potential mate without compromising your time, emotions, body and resources.

I have simplified the process and have provided tips/advice on how to succeed in this thing called dating.
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Tips to Succeed in this madness called dating.


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